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oakley sunglasses outlet sale By the way, this drama there COCO is also the favorite of the couple 's Oscar Ouyang Zhenhua, Ouyang fat fat ah ~' fire ambition 'where she also starred in, the Hair styling is very handsome. NO.2 Xuanxuan She is also very comfortable people look no aggressive appearance on behalf of, and the most powerful is the eye-catching drama, basically every applause is applauded. 'Looking for the future' in this section Of people never forget, her looks more comfortable, no matter how long long not be annoying. Her luck is the best thing to catch up with the peak of the value of the ancient Aberdeen, 'Heaven and Earth man', 'Heaven and Earth 'Plays the the United States and acting. Although the looks are very mild looks, but the serious domineering is also a matter of minutes. On the' Jackie Chan Jackie Chan 'This drama COCO is not like, because Guo Jinan seems to play The play has been played after the mentally handicapped, but the performance is good for Xuan COACH feel so embarrassed. discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet Jianghua also let COCO love to not,' Miao Cuihua 'in the side of Germany and' I Has a date and spring 'in the home Hao is the perfect lover' s representative ah. But her costume is more stunning, 'Gold Iceman' in the bright and moving wit cute, 'Condor Heroes' mileage of a British green modeling will not Forget how long, of course, COCO 's heart good' Sin 'in the An Qian, and feel she even intrigue up their own pure feeling. NO.6 DENG Cuiwen Jurchen is a masterpiece of continuous, and his debut for so many years 'Acting' is continuous online gradually upgrade. 'Jinzhiwusui' in the Yue people like love and hate, her ending so that COCO sad for a long time. 'Woman' and 'sea of ​​?? pride' and Li Yao-hsiang in the two Is a perfect, Wen-mei between the facial features are filled with domineering. By the way, if you ask me how not to mention 'I have a date with spring,' such a classic drama, COCO can only regret to tell you that It is ATV play, although it is my favorite Hong Kong drama top3. oakley sunglasses outlet store

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oakley sunglasses outlet online but it is not the same. In the weight down really is not small. 'Heaven and Earth man' and the ancient Tsai Tai Sin on the drama of her able, the people will emit a very Western style of feeling. Of course, COCO favorite or 'Gold four talented' In the Painting Princess, the play she is not only the United States and love is also persistent, bold pursuit of love is really cute. NO.16 Guo Xian Ni do not understand why she has been playing villain, is it because the acting too For example, in the 'school police out more' and 'Cowherd and Weaver Girl' inside her image is good wife and mother-like excellent ah, people who have a good role, but in fact, she also played a positive role is also very attractive ah. Looked like. Really want to say that the culmination of the villain, may be 'Luo Shen', but also because of this drama Guoxi Ni villain image in a lot of people stereotypes. NO.17 Guo Ying Ying Gossip magazine as a perennial to See people, COCO for Guo Ying has always been kind of of feeling of a word, but 'negotiator' where she was quite likable, and she felt almost the same temperament